“Super happy with this bright, friendly and clean new personal training spot in Solana Beach! I purchased a package of personal training sessions with Kali - who is a super focused, knowledgeable and mindful professional trainer. She designed a custom strength training program for me that accommodates some existing injuries but still gives me a great work out !”- Janet M.

“A great new gym located conveniently along 101, 2 blocks north of Loma's Santa Fe. Staffed by very nice and smart professionals that take great interest and care of their clients. I use Natalie who is wonderful with seniors such as myself. She makes each session interesting and varied, quite remarkable since I've always hated to exercise. This new gym is clean and cheery with an assortment of great new machines. Highly recommended for developing a healthy lifestyle at any age.”- Phil B.

“If you are looking for personalized, professional, and convenient fitness expertise - SCEND is it! Our daughter is a competitive athlete and wanted to up her game with some 1:1 strengths training. We began working with Natalie on a customized training program. She was a college athlete herself and is a wealth of information. Natalie is patient, inspiring and super accommodating around busy schedules. Kali - you could have opened a gym anywhere and we are so glad you chose Solana Beach!”- Shannon J.

“Kali has been my trainer for over 10 years. Over that time, Kali has always been very responsive and flexible in designing my work outs to meet my goals. She takes a personal interest in my well being and has motivated me to take care of myself. She's the best!”- Bob K.

“Scend Fitness promises to be an amazing fitness and training hub. The location is beautiful and the equipment is top of theKali is what I call my fitness therapist. She coaches me through my physical, nutritional and mental training goals. It is obvious Kali is passionate and fully dedicated to her clients and this industry. I’m grateful to have been trained by her and I’m ecstatic that she opened Scend Fitness. If you want to structure your fitness in a healthy and sustainable way go to Scend Fitness!”- Diana D.

“Make sure you check out SCEND fitness. Goal setting, tailored workouts, the best coaching, app engagement, and excellent location. 5-stars, would return.”- Allen R.

“Kali is AMAZING! Never will you ever meet someone who cares more and has such a calming/positive energy! Highly recommend Scend fitness!”- Jessica K.

“I started seeing Kali for personal training in 2016. I was headed into my first year of competitive adaptive surfing and had to get serious about my health. There was only one person I knew I could trust to get the job done.

That year I won multiple regional events, the West Coast Championships, overall West coast regional championships and the USA championships against the men. In 2017 I won the World Championships against the women. (daniburt.com)

The proof is in the pudding. She assisted me in getting to where I needed to be. She is an amazing trainer and an even better human being. Thank you for your hard work, Kali!”- Dani Burt

“Kali was very professional, and I received exactly what I was looking for in Nutritional Coaching. She was able to give me information that she researched specifically to my concerns. I have spent hours searching on the internet trying to see if what I am doing is best for my age, etc. In an hour, Kali was able to summarize the answers I have been looking for.”- Polly T.

“My husband and I have worked with Kali for many years and are so excited for her to be in her own beautiful studio in Solana Beach. She is wonderful, tailors everything to your abilities and helps you get stronger safely. She is such a caring and special person and has another wonderful trainer Natalie working with her too. I can't recommend Scend Fitness enough for anyone of any age or ability. You will be taken care of very well.”- Anne S.

“This new facility is pleasant, bright, spacious and with ocean breeze flowing thru. I have worked with Kali for years and am very delighted to continue working with her in this new and beautiful location. Kali is the most positive and encouraging person. Her passion and professionalism have made her a great trainer.”- Shu C.