PERSONAL TRAINING. We offer individualized personal training programs for every level including those looking for: fat loss/toning, muscle gain, sports performance, optimal health, postural improvement, pre-/post-natal conditioning, flexibility/mobility, injury prevention and recovery. Each personal training client will receive a complimentary consultation that includes movement assessments, injury-screening, and a postural evaluation. We will use your data to create a comprehensive strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular program for your goals.


Also included in every session is a focus on form and function. We make sure that every movement is done with the correct posture and makes sense for your goals so that you know you can progress safely while feeling great throughout your program.


REHABILITATION. We specialize in pre- and post-rehabilitative exercise and have a full-time physical therapist on staff. We know that many people lose confidence in their bodyโ€™s ability after an injury. Helping you return to your optimal level of strength and function is our passion. We will make sure to create a program that addresses your unique needs and goal following an injury while working with other health care professionals.


NUTRITION. Optimal health doesnโ€™t just mean lifting weights and doing cardio. To help you get to your goals we include evidence-based nutrition coaching that focuses on sustainable change so that your progress and success stays with you. Our certified nutrition coaches will work with your unique dietary preferences and needs to help you have the best results. Nutrition coaching is included in private personal training sessions and can be separately purchased as weekly or bi-weekly meetings both in person or as video calls online.


ACTIVE AGING. We believe that a safe and effective exercise program that promotes longevity is the only way to go. We want to help you to continue to be active and strong through every season of your life and we specialize in working with an actively aging population.



Personal Training- 1 on 1

1 Half-Hour Private Personal Training Session- $65

10 Half-Hour Private Personal Training Sessions- $600

1 Hour Private Personal Training Session - $95

10 Private Personal Training Sessions- $900 (discounted package)

20 Private Personal Training Sessions- $1700 (discounted package, best value)

Personal Training - Buddy Training

1 Hour Semi-Private Personal Training Session - $120

10 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions- $1100 (discounted package)

Nutrition Coaching

1 Hour Private Nutrition Coaching Session (at the studio or video call) - $95

3 Private Nutrition Coaching Sessions (at the studio or video call)- $255 (discounted package)

* Includes weekly check-ins by your coach

If you have any questions about our services or would like to talk to one of our trainers, please feel free to give us a call at (858) 925-775 or email us here.